Gotta Start Somewhere

“You should do a voice over blog ” they said. “It’ll be fun” they said.

But what would I write about in a blog that anyone else would care to read?  Scandalous tales of mystery and adventure perhaps…  I don’t really have any of those – not any I’d care to publish on the internet anyway.

This whole thing started for me about 10 years ago. I had a nice cushy job as a Regional Asset Manager. What does that mean?  Doesn’t matter.  I got laid off one idle Tuesday. They walked me out of the door as if I was a criminal or something. The ole’ professional ‘walk of shame’ as I passed employees I had personally hired – each looking at me as if I had a spider on my face… or maybe Ebola. It was embarrassing.

So with 3 kids, wife,2 cars and a mortgage = unemployment was not an option. I did actually apply for unemployment benefits and got enough to eek by on for a very, very short time. It was time to hit the reset button. Maybe a nagging moment of ‘things have to change’.

That moment when life has kind of crapped on you; you’re going to have to start from scratch; and you don’t even know where to begin.  It’s a tight spot.

So I did what any smart, responsible adult would do: I pursued a job I knew nothing about, in an industry I knew nothing about with “0” resources or connections of any kind.

Looking back now it was a pretty stupid idea so I’m glad things have worked out so far.

Now the more I think about this– maybe writing a blog could be therapeutic for me.  Just jot down some experiences I’ve had (or am having) in the voice over world. I could just ‘CHANGE NAMES TO PROTECT THE INNOCENT… and my career.

I’m sure after 10 years of doing this I probably have quite a bit to hash out.  A full time job as an at-home voice over artist is a weird profession.  Not one that can really be talked about in general conversation or at parties.

Wow.  Look a’ there. Maybe I do have something to talk about. Even if this is just for my own personal therapy sessions.  I kind of do feel better just getting that off my chest. Perhaps I can ramble on about my weird job and odd ball lifestyle right here in a blog…

So let’s try it.


My name is Greg and I have a weird job.  I’m a professional voice over artist.  I work at home.  In a booth. Usually not wearing shoes.

I say things for a living and people pay me money to do it.  It’s a cool job.

Wanna read more ? Keep reading!  Thanks for stopping by. 


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